Update Log


Pwnboxer 2.5 Upgraded! A few more enhancements have been made to Pwnboxer. The key broadcasting is much faster and we’ve tweaked a few other internal components. Have fun Pwn Boxing!


Pwnboxer version 2.5 BETA released! The new Pwnboxer is out and ready for download! It has a LOT of new features including built-in Twitter, enhanced web browsing, faster core engine, runs multiple WoW copies much fastest, advanced mouse broadcasting, and more!


Pwnboxer version 2.5 done with testing. Thanks for all the people helping to test the major update coming to Pwnboxer. We are almost ready to release this update. We are working on a new website for the Pwnboxer software and will release the update + new website at the same time, plus we plan on having a special live video broadcast of multiboxing to correspond with the update! Note: All licensed Pwnboxer users will get this upgrade for free!


Pwnboxer version 2.5 soon to be released. Our stepping stone release to version 3 of Pwnboxer is almost completed. Version 2.5 of Pwnboxer is aggressively being worked on now with testing happening almost every day. This new version features a lot of the updates going into the 3rd version of Pwnboxer (Pwnboxer 3.0). We are doing final development testing with real-life usage of PB 2.5 nearly every day (we are testing with 3x Hunters). All licensed Pwnboxer users will get this upgrade for free!


Major Update To Pwnboxer In Works. There is a major update to Pwnboxer being worked on right now. There isn’t an ETA exactly yet, but I am hoping on having it done real soon. More information on this coming soon! All licensed Pwnboxer users will get this upgrade for free!

I have released yet another update to Pwnboxer! This update fixes a small bug with Autofocus on mouse hover, as well as correctly setting window focus when using the fast game switch. Also, a small bug concerning games other than World of Warcraft have been fixed. Lastly, some minor performance tweaks have been made, making Pwnboxer even FASTER!

Pwnboxer has a new release, version v02.01.0206.0. This version has enhancements to the game zoom functions and also has better support for Blizzard’s Battle.net authentication system. In addition, Fast Game Switching has been enhanced for faster speeds. A big thanks to all the people who helped with these Battle.net enhancements.

Pwnboxer has a new release which includes some massive upgrades to the Dockable Clickmapping. You can now create a virtually unlimited amount of virtual keyboard key remaps. There are also some slight costmetic bugs fixed. As always, upgrades are free to all licensed users.

Pwnboxer has been upgraded once again! The latest version of Pwnboxer is now out, v02.01.121305. Please check out Downloads to get the latest version.

This new release has a major upgrade: Dockable Clickmapping. Grab it now!

Pwnboxer has been upgraded once again! The latest version of Pwnboxer is now out, v02.01.120101. Please check out Downloads to get the latest version.

Pwnboxer has been upgraded once again! The latest version of Pwnboxer is now out, v02.01.111703. Please check out Downloads to get the latest version. Below are some bug fixes:

Added key remapping (sometimes known as FTL)
– This is a major new feature that will allow you to change the key mapping depending on which game window you have main focused. For example, if you have Game3 selected, you can make SHIFT+1 turn into SHIFT+2 on Game2.

More stability to mouse broadcasting
– Runs a bit smoother, removed (beta)

Pwnboxer In-Game Panel
– Fixed situations where it would dissapear when alt+tabbing

ATTENTION Pwnboxer has been upgraded to version 2.0! Pwnboxer has had many, many natural enhancements. These things include a faster broadcasting key engine, virtual mouse cursors, support for B.Net, support for more games through the advance game options, video recording, in-game worldwide JTV integrated chat, in-game web browsing, and so much more!

Note: Tim is working on updating the website for the release which is pending in approx. 2 hours! Keep glued to the multiboxing.com website for the official release!
Note #2: A popular requested feature, which we are calling key-remapping (sometimes known as “FTL”) is 90% completed in development. However, due to Blizzard’s B.Net upcoming requirements, Pwnboxer 2.0 is being released early without the key-remapping features, but we plan to have this active in a few short days.

The Pwnboxer servers will be offline for an upgrade for the next 3-5 hours. During this timeframe, you may experience issues running Pwnboxer. To avoid these issues, please load up Pwnboxer and leave it open until the morning. Thank you for your patience! This will start approx. 10pm CST on 10/22 and may continue until 5am CST 10/22.

Pwnboxer has been updated with quite a few new things. It now supports up to 10 games at once. It now can lock your Numpad key to On or Off. It has had the autofocused redesigned to work better. Many more things have been added. Visit the Pwnboxer.com – Downloads to get the latest version now!
Read about the update here: http://multiboxing.tv/forums/f32/pwnboxer-new-release-v01-01-080601-a-492.html

Pwnboxer has had a major update today adding a lot of new functionality such as more mouse broadcasting, support for 6 and 8 CPU systems, the ability to further control graphical levels with a slide bar, and more! Check out our downloads page and grab it!

A major bug addressing occasional lock ups of Pwnboxer when using the Mouse Broadcasting has been resolved (yay!). Please everybody go to Pwnboxer.com – Downloads to update to the latest version. A big thanks to Pwnboxer.com user Genyus for his extensive help testing AOE Mouse Broadcasting using Pwnboxer to help nail down this bug.

Pwnboxer was updated again! This time we have streamlined the key input process to add keys to be broadcasted, as well as add keys to other lists. Check it out on the Download page to update!

Pwnboxer was recently updated to cover many bug fixes. A big thanks to our users somnamb , comlinenet , DAL3124, and a few others who helped in email. Click the Download Now! link on the Pwnboxer.com website to get the latest version.

New release! Please visit the Download page of Pwnboxer.com to update to v01.01.050605.

Bug fix which was causing some crashes and caused the Zoom function to not work right. Please update your Pwnboxer software to version 01.01.0506.04 by visiting the downloads page.

Pwnboxer’s first release is now LIVE! Check the website often for the constant updates that are sure to come!